The Madison Hotel, Morristown, NJ , October 2017, Wedding

The Madison Hotel, Morristown, NJ , October 2017, Wedding

Booking and Performance Information

Thank you for your interest in Brian A. Tricoli, Solo Handbell Musician.  Listed below is helpful information about hosting Brian in
concert or booking his musical services for other types of events.  You will also find his biography of different lengths to use for your publicity needs.  Links will also be included to download other publicity photos and documents. 

Here are some important details to consider if you are interested in booking Brian to perform for your event.  Please contact Brian with any questions you may have.


Space Requirements: 

The typical solo concert setup uses 9 feet of table space in a single straight line and 4 feet of additional space for the cymbells on one end of the tables for a total of 13 feet.  While it is preferred to have this all in one single line, depending on space requirements and the pieces being performed, the 4 feet of cymbells can be located in another area, close to the tables. In any case, the floor area must be level so the bells do not roll off of the tables and there must be space behind the tables and cymbells to move around and perform, usually a minimum of 4 feet.  The tables and cymbells are approximately 30 inches wide.  In total, the desired footprint of space will be approximately 14’ wide x 7’ deep.  When an accompanist is desired, space will be required for the keyboard instrument as well and must be located near each other so Brian and the accompanist are able to see each other with an unobstructed view while performing.  If there are any space concerns, please mention your concerns when contacting Brian and we will see what can be worked out. 


Equipment needs: 

Tables:  Brian will usually bring his own table to venues he drives to since the 9 foot length is not a standard size.  However, if your venue has the standard 3 foot bell tables or a combination of 6 foot and 3 foot tables to equal 9 feet which can be utilized, that allows less equipment to be hauled and set up.  Brian’s table covers are custom made for a 9 foot table setup.  If you do set up tables longer than 9 feet and have table covers for the tables, he will be able to use that and just put his covered foam on top of your tables. Tables must be rectangular, at least 30” wide and standard height of 29” and level. 

Electric:  Since many of Brian’s solo concerts are performed without a live accompanist, an electrical source will be required to power the sound equipment and it must be accessible to where the bells will be set up.  This usually includes speakers, amplifier, MP3 player and if needed, a microphone.  If your venue is large and will require additional amplification, providing a suitable sound system to be utilized will be appreciated whether using your equipment or feeding his sound equipment into your system.  The details can be worked out for the equipment needs.  Please contact Brian with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Instruments at venue:  For venues Brian drives to, Brian will bring his own foam and other needed equipment for his performance unless otherwise arranged.  If an accompanist is being used, the keyboard instrument(s) needed will need to be provided by you or your venue.  Most accompaniment is done on an acoustic piano or digital piano and some pieces may be able to utilize an organ, digital or acoustic.  Digital instruments are usually able to change their tuning to match the bells if needed. 

This is very important.  Since the bells can not change thei tuning, any acoustic instruments on site, being utilized to perform along with the bells, must be recently tuned to A=440 Htz. If the acoustic instruments are not in tune with the bells, the performance may not be able to commence. 

Atmosphere:  Handbells by nature, have a very delicate sound which can easily be overpowered by surrounding noise.  Therefore it is best for the area where the performance will be taking place to be as quiet as possible.  For example, attempting to perform over the talking of people at a lunch/dinner event does not usually work, but performing during a specific time during that event as a featured entertainment part of the event will work nicely. Another example could be a museum/zoo type of environment during a holiday or special event.  Performing in the same area where large crowds are just passing by will not work as well as having the performance taking place in a separate area/room which is specifically for the musical performance where patrons can enter and exit the specific area. 

Indoor areas work better than outdoor areas.  Outdoor areas may be utilized but additional amplification may be necessary, and the bells and performer(s) must have adequate shelter from the elements, especially from the cold and precipitation.  An electric source will be needed for the sound equipment. If you have any questions about the atmosphere for the performance, please ask and we can see what we can work out. 


Fees and Financials:

Listed below are the general guidelines for booking fees for Brian’s musical performances.  Fees go towards the many operating expenses for equipment maintenance and purchase, insurance, publicity things, vehicle transportation, rehearsal space, etc. 

Solo Concert: Starting in late 2019, Brian will be offering a new fee structure for his solo concerts in his local area of Northern NJ.  Brian understands many venues, such as some churches, for example, may not have the financial means to pay for a concert fee.  As an alternative to an upfront concert fee, a free-will offering/suggested donation must be collected, with 100% of the amount collected going to Brian as his concert fee.  All publicity and programs must have an agreed upon suggested donation amount displayed and an announcement may be requested before, during or after the concert.  Travel expenses such as tolls, parking etc., lodging expenses if needed, and all expenses associated with traveling into or through New York City and over any of its crossing, is requested to be covered by the venue unless otherwise arranged.  The free-will offering/donation is for covering Brian’s solo concert fee only and is available for qualifying musical events scheduled on dates from 09/05/19 through 12/31/20.  This fee arrangement is not available in situations where a free-will offering/donation cannot be taken or in a situation where there is not a seated audience specifically in attendance for Brian’s solo concert performance.  Acceptance will be dependent on other factors such as location, time, schedule, if other performances are in the same area etc.  Please contact Brian for additional details. 

If you would prefer to pay a set fee instead of taking a free-will collection, will be selling tickets for the event, or in a situation/venue which will prohibit taking a free-will collection, please contact Brian for a performance fee arrangement. 

Church Services: For a traditional, Christian church service of 1 to 1.5 hours in length, Brian will include 4-6 selections from his repertoire, for an agreed upon fee.  Additional fees will be discussed for additional church services (on the same day), additional musical selections, requesting new selections which Brian will need to learn and any other items you may desire. 

Part of a Larger Musical Event/Group:  Brian is available to perform as part of a larger musical event or concert or with another musical group such as a handbell choir for example.  Due to many variables, fees are determined by what is requested for your musical event.  Please contact Brian with any of your ideas and questions. 

Weddings:  Brian’s solo bells make a wonderful, musical addition to your special wedding day.  Since each wedding event is unique in its requirements and variables, performance fees are custom quoted. 

Instrumentalists:  Brian typically performs along with an accompanying digital music track for his solo concerts, but he can perform along with a live pianist/organist if desired.  All performance fees for an accompanist and/or any additional musicians are the responsibility of you or your venue unless otherwise arranged.  Please contact Brian with any questions, or for information and fees on one of his accompanists. 

Other Items:  For any musical events or items not covered here, please contact Brian to discuss what you may desire so the associated fees and arrangements can be made. 


The Musical Experience:  Brian has been performing with handbells for many years and strives to bring a unique and enjoyable music experience to the listeners. Brian’s performances are catered to the type of event he is performing.  Brian will perform a varied selection of styles of music for his concerts which may be classical, patriotic, medleys, hymns, hymn based, or Christmas.  These concerts are usually around an hour in length.  Longer concerts may be requested and may have an intermission.  For church services, hymn, hymn-based and classical selections will be used with Christmas selections during the season and used accordingly for the parts of the service as needed.  For any other performances, music will be selected as needed for the musical event. 

Brian’s performances contain a variety of handbell techniques using bells on the table, handbell trees and the Cymbells to enhance the musical experience.  His goal is to make an enjoyable musical event for the listeners.  If there is an idea or musical element you might be interested to use, please contact Brian to discuss what can be accommodated.  New things and ideas are very often interesting to explore. 

Performance Day:  The exciting day has finally arrived!  Starting time for concerts is dependent on a number factors such as the date, the season, travel time and whether it is on a weeknight or during the weekend to name a few.  Brian will need access to the facility as close to an hour as possible to set up and warm up before a concert.  Additional time may be required if accompanists and/or instrumentalists are being utilized in order to run through and/or warm up for the performance. 

For performances which are not in Brian’s local area, he asks his hosts to arrange for either a home-stay or a hotel for the night(s) of the concert if needed.  For home-stays, Brian appreciates the hospitality and enjoys the opportunity to spend time and converse with his hosts in a smoke-free and pet-free home. 

Please contact Brian for any questions or concerns which is not addressed here or if you would like to book Brian for a performance of beautiful solo handbell music.


Second Reformed Church, Hackensack, NJ, October 2017, Church Service

Second Reformed Church, Hackensack, NJ, October 2017, Church Service